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A bipolar syndrome involving eyes and extremities.

Oculo-Digital Syndrome.

A single case of a girl from consanguineous parents has been reported. Probably autosomal recessive transmission.

Disease involves the eyes with cataract, microphthalmos, retinal dysplasia, corneal clouding and visual loss and the limbs with irregular length of fingers, brachydactyly, terminal hypoplasia of fingers, clinodactyly of fifth finger, and absent, dysplastic, or small fingernails.

Anesthesia in this condition has not been described. The features of the disease do not suggest that specific anesthesia precautions are required.

Chemke J, Oliver M, Mallek D, et al: Multiple ophthalmic anomalies and digital hypoplasia. J Genet Hum 26:17, 1978.  [PubMed: 97363]

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