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GRADING OF ATRIAL SEPTAL ANEURYSMS (ASA) (15 mm of the atrial septum extending 15 mm into either atrial chamber)1

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Type Description
1R The atrial septal aneurysm (ASA) protrudes from the midline of the atria to the right atrium throughout the cardiorespiratory cycle
2L The ASA protrudes from the midline of the atrial septum to the left atrium throughout the cardiorespiratory cycle
3RL The maximal excursion of the ASA is toward the right atrium with a lesser excursion toward the left atrium
4LR The maximal excursion of the ASA is toward the left atrium with a lesser excursion toward the right atrium
5 The ASA movement is bidirectional and equidistant to the right as well as to the left atrium during the cardiorespiratory cycle


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Grade Severity Description
1 Normal Intimal thickness <2 mm
2 Mild Mild (focal or diffuse) intimal thickening of 2–3 mm
3 Moderate Atheroma >3–5 mm (no mobile/ulcerated components)
4 Severe Atheroma >5 mm (no mobile/ulcerated components)
5 Complex Grade 2, 3, or 4 atheroma plus mobile or ulcerated components


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Type Description
I Attachment site leak
A Proximal leak
B Distal leak
C Iliac occluder
II Branch leaks
A To-and-fro simple flow from branch vessel into aneurysmal sac
B Complex flow through two or more branch vessels into the aneurysmal sac
III Graft defect
A Midgraft hole
B Junctional leak or graft disconnection
C Other mechanisms (e.g., failure from suture holes)
IV Graft wall porosity


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End-diastolic Separation of Pericardial Layers (mm) Grade Volume (mL)
<10 Small 50–100
10–20 Moderate 100–500
>20 Large >500

Normal pericardial thickness: 1 to 2 mm


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