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The year 2014 marks the beginning of a new phase in board certification for anesthesiology residents. Previously, all residents had to pass one written and one oral examination, both taken after the completion of residency training. Now the American Board of Anesthesiology has increased the stakes. The Part I examination has been split into two written examinations: "Basic" (administered at the beginning of the third postgraduate year) and "Advanced" (administered the summer after graduation). Anesthesiology residents who are unable to pass the "Basic" examination will not be allowed to finish their training.

Understandably, a brand new, high-stakes examination in the middle of residency training will create much stress and anxiety. This is where Anesthesiology Core Review comes in. The organization of this two-volume review book conforms to the newly revised content outline issued by the American Board of Anesthesiologists for the "Basic" and "Advanced" examinations. Each chapter succinctly summarizes key concepts for each topic from the new content outline.

This review book should serve as the "core" of your study preparation. As program directors with many years of board examination advising experience, we recommend supplementing Anesthesiology Core Review with multiple-choice practice questions, keyword reviews, and references to major anesthesiology textbooks. Space is provided throughout this book to add notes from other sources.

Anesthesiology Core Review represents the successful collaboration between the two academic anesthesiology departments located in our nation's capitol: Georgetown University and George Washington University. Together we challenge you to recognize your assets and deficiencies, work collaboratively, and use this book to pass the new ABA BASIC Examination with flying colors!

Best regards for a productive career in this dynamic specialty,

Brian S. Freeman, MD
Jeffrey S. Berger, MD, MBA
Washington, DC

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