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Absent or decreased eyelashes and eyebrows; visual loss. Other clinical features include dysplastic and grooved nails and alopecia.

Choroidal Atrophy; Alopecia Syndrome.

Only two cases described. The mode of inheritance is uncertain, but mild macular disease in the father who may be a heterozygote representation of a recessive transmission.

Total regional choroidal atrophy and other signs of ectodermal dysplasia, dysplasia of the nails (grooved), and teeth. Fine hair, absent or decreased eyelashes, eyebrows. Visual loss must be suspected. Occasionally syndactyly of fingers.

Other than special attention to protection of the eye and its sensitivity to the light, no specific measures must be undertaken in the anesthetic care of this patient.

Moloney JB, Blake J, Denham B, et al: Regional choroidal atrophy and alopecia. A new syndrome. Acta Ophthalmol 66:272, 1988.  [PubMed: 10994447]

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