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ICE is an acronym for ichthyosis-cheek-eyebrow. Very rare genetic disorder characterized by ichthyosis vulgaris associated with sparse lateral eyebrows.

Autosomal dominant inheritance has been advocated.

Acronymic syndrome characterized by ichthyosis vulgaris, prominent and full cheeks, and sparse lateral eyebrows. Other features involve the head (brachycephaly, folded helix, large nose, high-arched palate), thorax and spine (kyphoscoliosis, pes planus, pectus excavatum or carinatum, asymmetrical rib cage with abnormally placed nipples), and limb (flat foot, genu valgum, arachnodactyly of toes and fingers).

Cutaneous lesion could make venous access difficult. Perimedullar blockade is not contraindicated however could be difficult to realize because of the presence of kyphoscoliosis and skin lesions. Careful intraoperative monitoring is needed because of skeletal deformation.

Sidransky E, Feinstein A, Goodman RM: Ichthyosis-cheek-eyebrow (ICE) syndrome: A new autosomal dominant disorder. Clin Genet 31:137, 1987.  [PubMed: 3568439]

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