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Entrapment neuropathy of the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve resulting in discomfort and numbness.

Familial Meralgia Paraesthetica.

Uncommon; limited to case reports of familial occurrence in several families. Sigmund Freud and one of his sons were affected by this disorder. Autosomal dominant transmission. Most cases of meralgia paresthetica however are acquired.

Compression of the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve at the level of Poupart ligament or in the fascia lata soon after entering the thigh beneath the lateral end of the inguinal ligament. Numbness and discomfort over the lateral aspect of the thigh, accompanied by decreased objective sensation to touch, pain, and sometimes temperature.

Caution in transfer and positioning the patient. Avoid further compression over the areas through which the nerve travels, that is, over the lateral aspect of the inguinal ligament and the lateral aspect of the thigh.

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