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Familial syndrome of fused pyramidal molar roots, hypotrichosis upper lip morphology without Cupid's bow but with a thickened and widened philtrum, and occasional juvenile glaucoma.

Pyramidal Molar Roots with Juvenile Glaucoma and Unusual Upper Lip; Juvenile Glaucoma with Unusual Upper Lip and Dental Roots Syndrome.

Autosomal recessive.

Has been described in one family in which all siblings had pyramidal molar roots. Two siblings had glaucoma, and all had an unusual morphology of the upper lip without a Cupid's bow and a widened and thickened philtrum.

Avoid succinylcholine and other drugs that may increase intraocular pressure in the presence of glaucoma.

Ackerman JL, Ackerman AL, Ackerman A: Taurodont, pyramidal and fused molar roots associated with other anomalies in a kindred. Am J Phys Anthropol 38:681, 1973.  [PubMed: 4349385]

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