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Statistical Tables

Table 3-1. Critical Values of F Corresponding to P < .05 and P < .01

Table 4-1. Critical Values of t (Two-Tailed)

Table 4-4. Holm-Sidak Critical P Values for Individual Comparisons to Maintain a 5% Family Error Rate (αT = .05)

Table 5-5. Critical Values for the χ2 Distribution

Table 6-2. Critical Values of t (One-Tailed)

Table 8-7. Critical Values for Spearman Rank Correlation Coefficient

Table 10-3. Critical Values (Two-Tailed) of the Mann-Whitney Rank-Sum T

Table 10-7. Critical Values (Two-Tailed) of Wilcoxon W

Table 10-14. Critical Values for Friedman χ2r

Power Charts for Analysis of Variance*

* These charts are adapted from Pearson ES, Hartley HO. Charts for the power function for analysis of variance tests, derived from the non-central F distribution. Biometrika. 1951;38:112–130.

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