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Allowable blood loss (ABL): weight (kg) × EBV × (HinitialHfinal)/ Havg.

Total body deficit of HCO3: weight (kg) × (deviation from 24) × ECF.

Anion gap: Na + (Cl + HCO3).

  Normal 8–16.


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Perfusion to Various Body Compartments
CompartmentBody mass in adults (%)Cardiac output (%)
Vessel-rich group (brain, heart, liver, kidneys)1075
Vessel-poor group (bone, tendons)201
Table 220-1 Respiratory Formulae and Equations
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Cardiac Formulae
ParameterFormulaNormal range
Cardiac indexCO/BSA2.2–4.2 L/min/m2
Stroke volume indexSV/BSA40–70 mL/beats/m2
Left ventricular stroke work indexSI × 0.0136(MAP − PAOP)46–60 g m/beat/m2
Right ventricular stroke work indexSI × 0.0136(PA − CVP)30–65 g m/beat/m2
Stroke volumeCO × 1,000/HR40–80 mL
Pulmonary artery systolic pressureMeasured20–30 mm ...

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