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Current Surgical Procedures is a new book intended to provide straightforward, modern guidance to common procedures performed during general surgery training. Directed at a mid-level surgery resident, the information should be equally useful to medical students, physicians assistants, higher level residents and other staff who benefit from an accessible resource to outline the key features and steps of these operations. Preparation by the faculty and house staff of the University of Michigan ensures the compilation of expert approaches to these procedures.

Outstanding Features

• All new drawings illustrate the current methods for these procedures.
• Templated presentation of the material simplifies rapid review.
• Inclusion of expected benefits, potential risks, preoperative preparation and contraindications provides a foundation for obtaining thorough informed consent prior to the procedure.
• Step-by-step presentation of key procedure steps.
• Coverage of postoperative management, potential complications, and clinical pearls complete a concise resource for timely review.


As the editors, we would like to acknowledge our tremendous good fortune to work in an outstanding Department of Surgery led by Dr. Michael Mulholland, and to be surrounded by a truly expert group of peers among both the faculty and the house staff. Their personal attention to the project has infused the text with the views of proficient practitioners that make this work special. We are particularly grateful for the patient and professional staff from McGraw-Hill including Marsha Loeb Gelber, Harriet Lebowitz, and Armen Ovsepyan, who have made great contributions to the text in both time and concentration, and allowed us to ensure an accurate, high-quality edition. The various artists who have worked to present our concepts as understandable drawings have our admiration both for their talent, and for their determination to translate our ideas into pictures. We appreciate the careful attention and good humor of Mary Kay Anderson who has provided the staff support of this work in Ann Arbor. Finally, to our families, we appreciate your indulgence of our attention to our work.

Rebecca M. Minter, MD
Gerard M. Doherty, MD
Ann Arbor, Michigan
June 2010

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