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The past few years have been busy times for health care providers in general and anesthesia personnel in particular, thanks to waves of corona virus variants and the continuing evolution of our field. The former necessitated new approaches to respiratory failure. The latter has led to the need for this 7th edition of this textbook.

The textbook reflect the continuing importance of enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS), critical care of the surgical patient, pain management and imaging in our field.

We have done our best to eliminate unnecessary references. We assume the intelligence of our readers who we know are fluent with internet search engines and PubMed.

Once again we provide a listing of Key Concepts at the beginning of each chapter and include images and artwork when needed.

We thank the sharp-eyed readers who notified us about typographical errors in the 6th edition. We hope that you will be equally vigilant as you read the 7th edition. Please email us at if you suspect an error so that we can correct them in subsequent printings.

John F. Butterworth, IV, MD
David C. Mackey, MD
John D. Wasnick, MD, MPH

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