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This book would not be possible without the extraordinary people who contributed their time and talent and undying commitment to create an educational masterpiece. Many thanks to Drs Ana Lopez (senior editor), Angela Lucia Balocco, and Catherine Vandepitte, the third edition editors. Their combination of commitment, knowledge, research, and clinical expertise is apparent on every page of this book.

Many thanks to the leadership at Ziekenhuis Oost-Limburg (ZOL; Genk, Belgium) for their support and for facilitating a creative platform in the hospital's clinical setting. In particular, many thanks to the medical director, Dr. Griet Vander Velpen, and the "can-solve-all" manager, Chantal Desticker. Without your support, this book, and the creation of our center of excellence for regional anesthesia at ZOL, would not be possible. Thank you to the leadership of the department, especially Rene Heylen, Jan Van Zundert, and Pieter De Vooght; their vision led to the creation of one of the best regional anesthesia centers in the heart of Europe. Thank you to our regional anesthesia team and block nurses Birgit Lohmar, Joelle Caretta, Ine Vanweert, Kristell Broux, Ilse Cardinaels, Sydney Herfs, Elke Janssen, Hüda Erdem, Mohamed Rafiq, Danny Baens, and all the operating nurses in the N-Block at the orthopedic surgery unit.

Many thanks to all top fellows in regional anesthesia. These young, bright doctors contribute immense value to our teaching mission, and carry on the mission of national ambassadors of regional anesthesia after graduation. Big gratitude to our anesthesia residents who rotate through our service from their mothership Universities: Leuven (KUL), Gent, Antwerp, and others.

Our orthopedic surgery department is by all means one of the best in Europe and beyond. Made up of ultra high-achievers; physicians of national, Olympic, and professional football teams; innovators; and above all incredibly skilled and passionate surgeons. It has been an absolute pleasure building the orthopedic anesthesia service with you. A short glimpse at the website of the department of orthopedic surgery at ZOL is sufficient to get a sense that NYSORA-EUROPE at ZOL is flanked by true giants of orthopedic surgery (

Thank you to the NYSORA International Team: Pat Pokorny (UK), Kusum Dubey (New Delhi), Katherine Hughey-Kubena (USA), Elvira Karovic, Medina Brajkovic, Ismar Ruznjic (B&H), Nenad Markovic (SER), Jill Vanhaeren, and Greet van Meir (BE). This is an incredible team of NYSORA's go-getters.

Thank you to NYSORA's illustrator Ismar Ruznjic for the new-style illustrations and artwork he imparted to this edition. Ismar has grown with NYSORA to become one of the world's very best anatomy illustrators.

A big thank you to our designer and 3-D maestro, Nenad Markovic, an ultimate perfectionist, whose eye has been constructively critical to many artistic and stylistic aspects of this book, and NYSORA's content at large.

Finally, a huge thanks to all the contributors to this book, as there have been quite a few. Such a volume, packed with so much anatomical information, can always have hidden errors. We have relied on our stellar contributors to detect and correct them wherever possible. However, should the readers find any that we have missed that require correction, please forward them to We vouch to improve upon them and thank you immensely in advance for your feedback.

Many thanks to all, Editors

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