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This second edition of Cardiac Anesthesia and Transesophageal Echocardiography seeks to serve as a ready resource for learners new to the cardiac surgery operating room. Like the first edition, this text introduces the principles of cardiac anesthesia and transesophageal echocardiography concurrently much as they might be encountered in the operating room, cardiac catheterization laboratory, or intensive care unit by a student, resident, or trainee. The goal of the text is to provide a foundational introduction and review of both cardiac anesthesia practice and transesophageal echocardiography. Like the first edition, video clips present key echocardiography images essential to practice. The discussion has been updated to reflect current cardiac anesthesia practice. Likewise, the text has been expanded to provide additional management details as well as to include review of procedures that have been introduced into cardiac anesthesia practice since the first edition. We hope that learners will use this book to quickly familiarize themselves with the cardiac anesthesia environment. We believe that the foundational information presented in this book can be readily learned by newcomers to the cardiac operating room environment. The cardiac anesthesia workplace is often stressful for new learners. We believe that a strong foundational knowledge base acquired before entering the cardiac surgery operating room is the best way to enhance the experience for students and to improve their learning. Consequently, we hope learners will review this book before beginning their cardiac anesthesia rotations and that they will ultimately enjoy cardiac anesthesia practice as much as we both do.

John D. Wasnick
Alina Nicoara

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