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Chapter 65. Regional Anesthesia, Cost, Operating Room, and Personnel Management

Which situation results in the shortest presurgical operating room time?

A. Peripheral nerve block placed in the operating room

B. Peripheral nerve block placed in a block room

C. General anesthesia only

D. Peripheral nerve block in combination with general anesthesia

B is correct. Blocks performed in the preoperative area reduce time in the operating room before surgery starts. It is even shorter than inducing general anesthesia.1,2

Anesthesia-controlled time is shortest in which case?

A. General anesthesia alone

B. Peripheral nerve block placed in the preoperative holding area

C. Combination of general anesthesia and peripheral nerve block

D. No significant differences in the groups

B is correct. Peripheral nerve blocks placed in the preoperative area reduce anesthesia-controlled time.2,3

Anesthesia induction time is shortest for which group?

A. General anesthesia 

B. Neuraxial block

C. Peripheral nerve block 

D. General anesthesia combined with neuraxial block

A is correct. General anesthesia induction is quicker than placing a peripheral nerve block in the operating room.4

Turnover time is longest in which group?

A. Peripheral nerve block 

B. General anesthesia 

C. No significant differences in the groups

D. Combination of general and regional anesthesia

C is correct. Turnover time for all combinations of cases was the same and appears standardized for all cases.3,5,6

Which is the greatest cost in the post-anesthesia care unit (PACU)?

A. Personnel costs

B. Drugs

C. Materials

D. Monitors

A is correct. Staffing costs are the largest expense in the PACU.7,8

How does regional anesthesia most impact PACU costs?


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