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Discernment of critical care medicine is derived from multiple factors: an understanding of the basics of medicine, access to the most current evidence, clinical experience, and openness to palliative care. Based on these factors, I wanted to create a one stop reference for critical care.

McGraw-Hill's Critical Care Examination and Board Review is an evidence-based multidisciplinary perspective to critical care medicine. The format of each chapter is text material followed by questions and answers. Authors are from major academic centers discussing not only the basic principles in their field but also the most current studies. Current guidelines from various specialties are incorporated including their levels and/or grades of recommendation. Nomenclature on the stratification of quality of evidence and categories of recommendation vary per country and guideline but generally are similar. This book is ideal for the critical care fellow or intensivist studying for the critical care boards, medical student, resident, or any other healthcare provider interested in critical care.

It was an amazing journey working on this book and I hope it will strengthen your fund of knowledge to help you pass your critical care boards.

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