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Which of the following probe manipulations would you perform in order to rotate forward?

a) Turn your wrist to the right

b) Change the scan plane angle from 30 to 90 degrees

c) Move the large wheel on the probe clockwise

d) Move the small wheel on the probe counterclockwise

e) None of the above

(b). The imaging plane of the transducer can be axially rotated electronically from 0 to 180 degrees using the buttons found on the probe handle. This movement is called rotating forward. Similarly, rotating from 180 back to 0 degrees is referred to as rotating backward.

Which of the following interventions DOES NOT facilitate TEE probe insertion in the anesthetized, intubated patient?

a) Slight anteflexion of the probe

b) Anterior mandibular displacement

c) Laryngoscope guidance

d) Placement of a bite block

(d). Patients who are anesthetized and intubated are in supine position at the time of probe insertion. In this situation, the TEE probe is placed from the head of the bed with slight anteflexion of the probe. Placing the bite block prior to probe insertion displaces the tongue posteriorly, obstructing the passage of the probe. However, after the probe has been placed, a bite block should be used because neuromuscular blockers may or may not be used during the procedure.

Which of the following is a characteristic of ultrasound?

a) Ultrasound waves are longitudinal waves

b) Ultrasound can travel in a vacuum

c) Ultrasound waves have frequencies that are lower than audible sound

d) The particles of the medium move perpendicular to the direction of propagation of the wave

(a). Ultrasound waves are longitudinal waves, composed of oscillatory movements of particles parallel to the path of wave propagation. Because ultrasound waves require a medium composed of particles to travel, they are unable to transmit energy through vacuum. By definition, the prefix “ultra” is used to describe sound waves of frequencies higher than those of audible sound.

Which of the following IS NOT an acoustic parameter that describes ultrasound waves?

a) Period

b) Frequency

c) Wavelength

d) Volume


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