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1. Which of the following is correct regarding three-dimensional datasets acquisition?

a. Follows the same physics principles as two-dimensional echocardiography

b. Image quality is independent of frame rate

c. Does not allow imaging with color flow Doppler

d. Allows higher frame rates than two-dimensional echocardiography


2. Advantages of three-dimensional echocardiography when compared with two-dimensional echocardiography include which of the following:

a. Better axial resolution

b. Better temporal resolution

c. Better lateral resolution

d. Better measurement of chamber volumes


3. Which of the following enables higher temporal resolution in 3D imaging?

a. High line density

b. Increased dataset width

c. Greater imaging depth

d. Multibeat gated acquisition


4. All of the following are modalities of three-dimensional imaging except:

a. Multiplane

b. Zoom

c. Live

d. Multibeat

e. Doppler


5. Which of the following is not a three-dimensional display modality?

a. Microbeam forming

b. Tomographic slices

c. Volume rendering

d. Surface rendering


6. A zoomed mode of imaging by three-dimensional echocardiography is adequate to image all the following structures except:

a. Mitral valve

b. Tricuspid valve

c. Left atrial appendage

d. Left ventricle


7. Decreasing line density in the imaging sector will result in which of the following changes?

a. Lower frame rate

b. Lower axial resolution

c. Higher lateral resolution

d. Higher temporal resolution


8. Which of the ...

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