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1. Tricuspid regurgitation can occur:

a. In the absence of other valvular diseases

b. In association with mitral valve prolapse

c. Secondary to pulmonary hypertension

d. With a structurally normal tricuspid valve

e. With all of the above


2. Which of the following statements about the tricuspid valve is false?

a. Mild tricuspid regurgitation on transesophageal echocardiography is a common finding in normal, healthy individuals.

b. Systolic pulmonary artery pressure can be estimated by measuring the tricuspid regurgitation jet velocity.

c. In a patient with pulmonic stenosis, estimation of the right ventricular systolic pressure can be obtained from Doppler interrogation of the tricuspid regurgitant jet.

d. In a patient with tricuspid regurgitation, color Doppler interrogation of the regurgitant jet is always enough to determine its severity.


3. The three leaflets of the tricuspid valve can be assessed in which of the following tomographic views?

a. Midesophageal RV inflow-outflow view

b. Midesophageal four-chamber view

c. Transgastric RV inflow view

d. Transgastric RV basal view


4. Which of the following does not indicate the presence of severe tricuspid regurgitation?

a. Systolic reversal of the coronary sinus flow

b. Presence of noncoaptation of the tricuspid leaflets

c. Dense CW Doppler signal of the tricuspid regurgitation jet

d. Systolic dominance of hepatic vein flow


5. Estimation of the systolic pulmonary artery pressure is best done in which of the following views?

a. Midesophageal two-chamber view

b. Midesophageal four-chamber view

c. Transgastric RV inflow view

d. Transgastric short-axis view


6. Assessment of pulmonic insufficiency using color flow Doppler can be performed in all of the following tomographic views except?

a. Midesophageal RV inflow-outflow view


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