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Select the one best answer for each of the following questions.

1. Which of the following views displays both the right atrium and right ventricle?

a. Midesophageal bicaval view

b. Midesophageal long-axis view

c. Midesophageal RV inflow-outflow view

d. Midesophageal two-chamber view


2. Which of the following structures is attached to the moderator band?

a. Crista terminalis

b. Right ventricular apex

c. Tricuspid valve

d. Ventricular septum


3. All of the following confound assessment of right ventricular wall thickness except:

a. Epicardial fat

b. Far-field location

c. Prominent trabeculations

d. Pericardial effusion


4. Compared to left ventricular ejection, right ventricular ejection:

a. Begins later

b. Has a shorter duration

c. Has a shorter pre-ejection period

d. Involves more twisting


5. Compared to the left ventricle, which of the following structural features best distinguishes the right ventricle?

a. Larger mass

b. Smaller volume

c. Septal attachments of the papillary muscles

d. Trabeculated apex


6. The right ventricular anterior wall is seen in which of the following scan planes?

a. Deep transgastric five-chamber view

b. Midesophageal bicaval view

c. Midesophageal four-chamber view

d. Transgastric RV inflow view


7. The modified midesophageal bicaval view provides good spectral Doppler alignment for assessment of:

a. Hepatic vein flow velocity

b. Pulmonary artery diastolic pressure

c. Pulmonic stenosis

d. Tricuspid regurgitation


8. Which of the ...

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