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To my mentors, Drs. Paul Barash, Jerry Reves, and Mark Newman. How blessed I have been to have you all as role models and to learn from such great leaders! Thank you for your commitment, sacrifice, and legacy and most importantly, for instillingin me a “vision for what can be” as well as the “passion for what should be“.

Joseph P. Mathew

To my parents, Rodica and Ioan.

Alina Nicoara

I dedicate this book to the many great people who have unselfishly given their time and talent to mentor and guide others. To my mentors, teachers and friends, you have been an integral part of my career. Working with you has always been a motivating and memorable journey, which has guided me so far, and always will. I hope one day to inspire others as you have inspired me.

Chakib M. Ayoub

To Ratna, my wife, best friend, and confidante, for her unconditional support.

My son, Raghav, for always inspiring me.

My son, Abhinav, for his wit, humor, and sage advice often beyond his years.

Madhav Swaminathan

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