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Chapter 63. Documentation of Difficult and Failed Airway Management

Which of the following about the MedicAlert® Bracelet for Difficult Airway is true?

A. The World Federation of Societies of Anesthesia and the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck surgeons officially endorsed the MedicAlert® Foundation for Difficult Airway.

B. The MedicAlert® Foundation developed a uniform database and specialized patient enrollment form for the Difficult Airway/Intubation category.

C. The major objective of the MedicAlert® registry was to develop mechanisms for a uniform documentation and dissemination of critical information to maximally protect patients.

D. The MedicAlert® Registry is currently used worldwide.

E. All of the above.

(E) All the statements are true. Medic Alert has a specific site on its webpage to register patients with difficult airway/intubations (

Which of the following information should be documented following the management of an unanticipated difficult or failed airway?

A. date and type of operation

B. anatomic features of the patient on airway examination

C. ability to ventilate using a face mask or an extraglottic device

D. laryngoscopic view and the effectiveness of alternative intubating techniques

E. all of the above

(E) All the information listed is important following the management of an unanticipated difficult or failed airway.

Following the management of an unanticipated difficult airway, the anesthesia practitioner should inform about the difficult airway to which of the following:

A. the patient, or a family member who is the caregiver

B. the primary care physician

C. the attending surgeon should be informed immediately following the difficult airway encounter

D. the MedicAlert® Difficult Airway Registry

E. all of the above

(E) All of the people listed, including the Medic Alert® Difficult Airway Registry should be informed.

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