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Chapter 60. Respiratory Management in the Magnetic Resonance Imaging Suite

Which of the following is NOT a known hazard in the MRI suite?

A. patients with implanted ferromagnetic objects like aneurysm clips

B. patients with pacemakers

C. the endotracheal tube

D. stethoscopes

E. portable sevoflurane vaporizer

(C) The endotracheal tube is the only listed device that is not a known hazard in the MRI suite.

What airway equipment may be used safely in an MRI suite?

A. non-ferromagnetic laryngeal mask airway

B. any video-laryngoscope

C. flexible bronchoscope

D. Macintosh laryngoscope

E. Bullard laryngoscope

(A) Apart from small amounts of ferromagnetic materials, such as metallic springs in the cuff inflation valve, the LMLA is the only listed airway device that may be used safely in the MRI suite.

TRUE or FALSE, the time-varying magnet field generated by the MRI system can directly cause serious burns to patients during imaging studies.



(B) The time-varying magnet fields or indeed any magnetic field generated by the MRI machine has not been shown to directly cause any direct burning of tissue in patients. Interaction of magnetic fields and RF radiation with metallic objects in the MRI suite, such as coiled wires from ECG electrodes, or other MRI unacceptable equipment, has been known to cause severe burns in many case reports when they are in direct contact with patients during MRI studies. Even MRI-acceptable equipment that is used or placed incorrectly may cause severe burns.

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