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Chapter 41. Airway Management in a Patient with Aspiration of Gastric Contents Following Induction of Anesthesia

Which of the following complications is NOT associated with an aspiration event?

A. Laryngospasm

B. Cardiac arrest

C. Anoxic brain injury

D. Hypertension

E. Bronchospasm

(D) All the listed complications can be associated with an aspiration event except hypertension.

Which of the following is NOT a late complication of aspiration?

A. Tracheal stenosis

B. Tracheoesophageal fistula

C. Increased lower-esophageal sphincter tone

D. Tracheoinominate-artery fistula

E. Tracheomalacia

(C) An increase in lower-esophageal sphincter tone is not a late complication of aspiration.

All of the following are considered to be acceptable therapy for aspiration events associated with respiratory failure EXCEPT

A. Steroids

B. Bronchoscopy and suctioning

C. Bronchodilator Therapy

D. Mechanical ventilation with FiO2 1.0

E. Admission to a high-dependency unit

(A) With the exception of steroids, all of the listed therapies are considered to be acceptable for patients with respiratory failure following gastric aspiration.

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