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Chapter 39. Lung Separation in the Patient with a Difficult Airway

Why have the Univent and DLT been termed “difficult tubes”?

A. increased external diameter (OD)

B. increased rigidity

C. increased rigidity and increased OD

D. none of the above

(C) Both the Univent and double lumen tubes been termed “difficult tubes” because they both have increased rigidity and increased outer diameter, making both difficult to negotiate their way through the glottis.

Changing an DLT to an SLT at the end of the case can be difficult due to:

A. edema

B. previous intubation trauma

C. suboptimal head and neck position

D. secretions

E. all of the above

(E) All of these can make the change of an SLT for a double lumen tube at the end of the case difficult.

Exchange of an SLT for a DLT should be done:

A. under visual control

B. with an AEC

C. with an AEC and under visual control

D. none of the above

(C) Ideally, exchange of an SLT for a DLT should be done with an Airway Exchange Catheter and under visual control.

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