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Chapter 24. Tracheal Intubation in an Uncooperative Patient With a Neck Injury

The mnemonic RODS is used in assessing difficulty with which of the following?

A. laryngoscopic Intubation

B. bag-mask-ventilation

C. use of an extraglottic device

D. flexible bronchoscopic intubation

E. ventilator management

(C) RODS (Restricted mouth opening, Obstruction of upper airway, Disrupted or distorted airway, Stiff lungs or cervical spine) is a mnemonic intended to identify successful use of an extraglottic device.

Regarding chemical sedation as an adjunct to control the airway assessment in the emergency patient which of the following is true?

A. should be used in combination with a second agent

B. not useful in trauma patients

C. can cause hypoxemia

D. not indicated in airway management

E. only useful in psychiatric patients

(C) Depending on the clinical status of the patient and the dose used, most pharmacological sedatives can cause hypoxemia.

Ultrasound can be useful as an adjunct in intubation in all of the following EXCEPT

A. diagnose a Pneumothorax

B. locate the cricothyroid membrane

C. observe tube pass into the trachea

D. observe tube pass into the esophagus

E. locate the tube in the lower trachea

(C) Since the air in the tracheal lumen does not transmit ultrasound waves, the lumen of the trachea is difficult to visualize.

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