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Chapter 13. Extraglottic Devices for Ventilation and Oxygenation

Which of the following is NOT true about the Laryngeal Tube (King LT)?

A. It cannot be used in patients with a history of latex allergy.

B. The Laryngeal Tube has two cuffs (pharyngeal and esophageal) but a single balloon for pressure control.

C. The Laryngeal Tube requires a mouth opening of at least 23 mm for its insertion.

D. The Laryngeal Tube cuffs should be inflated to a pressure up to 60 cm H2O using a manometer if possible.

E. A well-lubricated endotracheal tube can be passed blindly through the airway lumen of the LT.

(A) The King LT is a silicone airway tube which can be used safely in patients with latex allergy.

Which of the following is NOT true with the use of the Laryngeal Mask Airway?

A. In general, approximately 20 mL is required to inflate the cuff for a #3, 30 mL for a #4, and 40 mL for a #5 LMA.

B. The LMA should be inserted into the mouth with the index finger placed between the mask-tube junction.

C. The LMA cuff should be pressed against the hard palate during the insertion into the oropharynx.

D. Prior to insertion, the cuff should be completely deflated.

E. To facilitate placement, the LMA should be lubricated using lidocaine gel.

(E) It is recommended that the LMA be lubricated with a water-soluble lubricant prior to its use.

In comparison with tracheal intubation, which of the following is NOT an advantage of the LMA?

A. Improved hemodynamic stability on induction and during emergence

B. No risk of gastric aspiration

C. Reduced anesthetic requirements for airway tolerance

D. Lower frequency of coughing during emergence

E. A lower incidence of sore throat in adults

(B) Although the incidence of gastric aspiration associated with the use of LMA is rare, fatal aspiration of gastric content has been reported. Proper assessment for aspiration risk prior to the use of the LMA is imperative. Most airway practitioners would avoid the use of the LMA in patients with a history of hiatal hernia, gastroesophageal reflux, in obstetrical patients, ...

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