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Writing a textbook is an overwhelming endeavor; only those who have undertaken the work on a book can understand the efforts and the sacrifice that it entails. Throughout the couple of years it took to compile the new information and collaborate with such a large group of opinion leaders, researchers, and educators, a number of outstanding individuals were crucial to its successful completion.

Sincerest appreciation to my wife, life and work partner, Dr Catherine Vandepitte, without whose wisdom, advice, and esthetic guidance this book would not see the light of the day.

Huge thanks go to NYSORA's incredible illustrator, Vali Lancea. Thank you to Dr Monika Golebiewski's impeccable organizational skills, eye for detail, and beyond-describable work ethics, Monika was truly instrumental in tying the loose ends in the final push to complete this project.

A big thank you to the entire NYSORA support team: NYSORA-Europe, NYSORA's new CREER (Center for Research, Education, and Enhanced Recovery); our top surgeons and nurses at ZOL Anesthesiology; and more. Many thanks to Dr Alex Visan for his advice on the economics of regional anesthesia as well. Thank you to all current and former NYSORA fellows who have inspired much of the work.

The current NYSORA-Europe research team deserves a resounding thank you: Ingrid Meex, Gulhan Ozyurek, Aysu Emine Salviz, Marijke Cipers, Max Kuroda, and Greet Van Meir. You really rock!

Finally, thank you to the amazing managing editor, Brian Belval; your professionalism, common sense, and experience have provided the crucial guidance for this book to come together. Combined with co-managing editor Christie Naglieri, the production supervisor Catherine H. Saggese, and production manager Sonam Arora, we had the best team possible to make this book the gold standard it inspires to be.

Prof. Admir Hadzic

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