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In response to the ever-expanding scope of medical knowledge that anesthesiology trainees are expected to master by the end of their training, the American Board of Anesthesiology recently implemented a staged examination process. This is designed to ensure that trainees have a firm command of the scientific basis underpinning the specialty by the conclusion of their second postgraduate year before switching their focus to the more advanced, clinical subspecialty topics.

Preparing for a high-stakes exam such as the ABA BASIC Examination is stressful, and time is always at a premium during residency training. In our years as educators (and in our own personal experience as residents), we have always found high-quality multiple-choice questions to be an invaluable aid to focus study and gain confidence. However, most current question banks primarily focus on clinical topics meant to help you pass the "final" written exam (now known as the ADVANCED Exam). The purpose of this question book is to serve as a "one-stop shop" to supplement your primary reading for the BASIC Exam. These 800+ questions have been designed and written to specifically match the BASIC Exam's content outline so that every area is comprehensively covered. Each question is accompanied by an in-depth explanation of why the answer is right, but often more importantly, why the other distractors were wrong. Each explanation is also referenced to a primary text and/or journal article.

The book has been organized into 30 chapters contained in four main sections:

  • Part 1: Anatomy and physiology

  • Part 2: Pharmacology

  • Part 3: Physics, equipment, monitors, and mathematics

  • Part 4: Clinical anesthesia topics

We hope that you will use these questions to study, refine your knowledge, test yourself, and ultimately sail through the BASIC Exam with ease. We also hope that this book will serve as a means to review important day-to-day topics quickly throughout the remainder of your training. Congratulations on beginning your training in the exciting specialty of anesthesiology, and all the best on the BASIC Exam

Jeff Gadsden, MD, FRCPC, FANZCA
Dean R. Jones, MD, FRCPC

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