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Pain Assessment

Regarding Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) which of the following statement is true?

(A) It has 547 questions

(B) Conversion V is often present in patients with chronic pain

(C) It can be interpreted by anyone treating the patient

(D) Is not commonly used in evaluation of patients for spinal cord stimulation (SCS) trial

(E) Can point out reliably the psychogenic part of the pain behavior

(B) The MMPI is a long test and has 566 questions. It does not reliably distinguish between the psychologic and physical pain. It needs expertise to review the test results, and the conversion V (hypochondriasis, depression, and hysteria) is seen in patients with chronic pain and does respond to treatment. The MMPI is commonly used in evaluating patients for SCS trial.

Visual analogue scale (VAS)

(A) correlate highly with pain measured on verbal and numerical rating scales

(B) is minimally intrusive

(C) assumes that pain is a unidemnsional experience

(D) measures the intensity of pain

(E) all of the above

(E) The VAS-like verbal and numerical rating scales assumes that pain is a unidimentional experience and measures the intensity of the pain. Although pain intensity is a salient dimension of pain, it is clear that there are many dimensions to pain.

Which of the following tests is used as a more objective determination of disability?

(A) The most thoroughly studied is the Sickness Illness Profile

(B) Physical examination is an objective and consistent method of assessing impairment

(C) McGill Pain Questionnaire

(D) Patient's subjective report of pain


(A) The most commonly studied instrument is the Sickness Illness Profile. This has been used in many studies to demonstrate the effect of a variety of treatment methods in patients with pain.

Studies have shown poor reproducibility between physicians in evaluating patients with back pain especially regarding nonneurologic findings like muscle spasm and guarding. At present time there is no reliable test to measure patient's subjective feeling of pain.

What is the Symptom Checklist 90 (SL-90) and its revised version (SLR-90-R)?


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