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In the interval of time since the first edition of this textbook was published, bedside ultrasonography, particularly for critically ill patients, has revolutionized the practice of critical care medicine and created a new standard of care for these vulnerable patients. As the use of bedside ultrasound has matured, there has been an explosion of scholarly work, pathways, protocols, and guidelines that support its routine use in everyday clinical care. In addition, fundamental training in bedside ultrasonography is now included in residency, fellowship, and postgraduate training for attending physicians.

Given these changes in the landscape, we are pleased to present the second edition of Critical Care Ultrasonography. While we have maintained the overall structure in this edition, we have been deliberate in incorporating feedback from readers and updates that keep pace with the evolution of the discipline. Further, because ultrasonography is a visual field, we have enhanced the visual aspects of content with additional figures and videos. We are hopeful that this book will continue to serve the spectrum of clinicians, from novice to expert, who are interested in a core textbook or a ready reference that helps to support clinical decision making.

Alexander B. Levitov, MD
Anthony D. Slonim, MD
Paul H. Mayo, MD

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