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Video 23-3: Normal Venous Study (Two-Dimensional and Pulsed Doppler).

From: Critical Care Ultrasonography, Second Edition

Time frames:

0:00–0:05 seconds: Compression of common femoral vein in short axis (transverse) plane.

0:06–0:14 seconds: Normal respiratory phasicity in long-axis (longitudinal) view.

0:15–0:18 seconds: Valsalva maneuver resulting in the cessation of venous flow.

0:19–0:27 seconds: Release phase of the Valsalva maneuver resulting in flow augmentation, followed by the return of normal respiratory phases (compare frame 0:06).

0:27–0:30 seconds: Augmentation of venous flow resulting from compression of the calf and the thigh (respectively).

0:31 seconds: End of the video femoral vein compression in short-axis (transverse) view.

37 secs
Author(s) James E. Foster, II, Kevin Wiseman
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