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Video 14-6: Patient with restrictive CMP due to amyloidosis.

From: Critical Care Ultrasonography, Second Edition

Parasternal long-axis (PLAX) view. Note thick interventricular septum and inferior wall of the LV with shimmering speckled pattern of the myocardium specific of this illness. Small pericardial effusion and dilated coronary sinus (due to increased right ventricular pressure) are also visible and common for restrictive CMP. Restrictive diastolic filling result in exceedingly low LVDV, and thus stroke volume and cardiac output, with normal or elevated LVEF. CMP, cardiomyopathy; LVDV, LV diastolic volume; LVEF, LV ejection fraction.

14 secs
Author(s) Narinder P. Bhalla, Marguerite Underwood, Alexander B. Levitov
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